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Baroness Caressa de Marchena

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Lord Bjorn Dungardson
(previously Lord Sean de la Mare)

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HRW Tent at Clinton 99

House Red Wolf (HRW) setup by the stream, between the bridges, and next to the battle field. 
Clinton 99 

HRW tent at Sept Crown 98

The HRW encampment.  Caressa's infamous 
"Happy War Banner" flies overhead.
September Crown 98

HRW Awning at Mermaids Tourney 99

Caressa, Alatan and Patrick under our pavilion's awning.
Mermaids Tourney 99, False Isle

HRW Caressa and Phillip

Caressa and Phillip inside the HRW pavilion.
September Crown 98

HRW tent new July 97

Image of our new pavilion.  
Funds were raised, in July 1997, by the family and friends 
of the happy Bride and Groom for their wedding gift. 


Space Requirements:

HRW tent layout for events 1

The main tent, awning & ropes
20' wide x 30' deep space.

HRW tent layout for events 2

We like an additional 20'x20' behind  
our main space for our household to camp.




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