Blades: The blades are 1/16" (1.6 mm) thick and forged from high carbon 1095 steel. The old time tempering process gives each knife its own unique personality. The darkened finish adds rusticness and charm.  Blades go all the way through the handle.
Handles: Are made from gun-stock curly maple, stained to allow the natural pattern of the wood to show through.  The striped patter is naturally in the wood.   There are two different styles, either round or octagon (6 flat sides) shaped.  The handles are brass pinned as indicated in the photos.
Sizes: As these are custom made knives, each will vary in size.  The "larger pictures" below are scaled to be full size on a 19" monitor set at 800x600.
Makers: These trade knives are handsomely made, one at a time, by the River Traders of Oregon. Do not let the price fool you, these are very high quality custom made knives. 



Small Bodice Knife
- Round handle

Small Knife - Round Handle  (larger image)
Small Bodice Knife
- Octagon handle
Small Knife - Octagon Handle  (larger image)

Boot Knife
- Octagon handle

Boot Knife  (larger image)
 Roach Belly Knife 
 - Round handle
Roach Belly Knife  (larger image)
Metis Knife
 - Round handle
Metis Knife  (larger image)
Old English Knife
 - Octagon handle
English Knife  (larger image)
Old French Knife
 - Round handle
French Knife  (larger image)

Fork - 3 Prong
 - Octagon handle

3 Prong Fork - Octagon Handle  (larger image)

Feast Gear Knife
 - Octagon handle

Feast Knife - Octagon Handle  (larger image)


For Small Knife
 - Great for Bodices 
- Wear around neck
or tie onto garb

  (larger image)


Shipping & Handling:

  Business closed, email to see item still exists,

Sales Tax:

  Shipments to Washington State: 7.8%
  For Canada: allow for PST & GST as applicable.

E-mail:   Sean