Welcome to the Official  DUNN COW Inn Memorial Web Page

What it was:

The Dunn Cow Inn was an encampment created by three very dedicated SCA veterans wanting to provide a place where SCA old timers could hang out and share their experiences with newcomers and all a great time was had by all.  

When arriving at the SCA event, one could get easily spot the "Inn's" location.   It's hard to miss a 50' x 90' (16m x 30m) bright blue pavilion tent.  

Oh no one could ever forget the exciting nightly entertainment provided by fighters, dancers and singers alike.  If you liked to hang out where the excitement was at, you surely hung out with the cow.

So ask around, you will find many that can spin you a tall tale of their favorite memory of the "Dunn Cow Inn."


We need your help:

This site is being created to further enhance the memory of the wonderful lady cow. We are always looking for new stories and pictures to enhance future SCA members understanding of the "legendary" Inn.



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The Lady Dunn Cow Inn has received many SCA Awards: