In the SCA you are encouraged to research and create 
your own unique device and name:


M SCA Device Pictures
(The way I like to have my device drawn)

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Sean's Device in Color
Sean's Device
in Color

Size: 780x1138
13 KB

Sean's device in B&W line drawing
Sean's Device
in B&W

Size: 780x1138
13 KB

Sean's device on a shield shape
Sean's Device
on Shield shape

Size: 956x1120
19 KB

Sean's device painted on his cloth banner
Sean's Device as
Painted on his
Cloth Banner

Size: 726x1038
45 KB

Heraldically Blazoned: 
Or, in pale a horse's head contourny issuant from a heart voided sable

Gold (background), following charges are stacked on an invisible centerline (in-pale) 
a Horse's Head facing sinister (to wearer's left / viewer's right) 
issuant (coming up and out the top of) a Heart (Valentine's day style) 
voided (outline with background color showing through) both charges in Black

Mundane Translation:
On a Gold background, a Black Horse Head facing viewer's right, 
coming out the top of a Black Heart outline

Cant (Joke within a name or device)
I have spent most of my life growing up on or around horse ranches. 
So I designed my device is to say:
"I Love Horses"


Sean decided he would rather paint his device than sew down different colored materials. 

After another trip to the town, he comes home with 100% acrylic-latex exterior house paints.

This is not just a modern easy way to do it.  As painting on fabric was also done during the medieval time period too.

The device folds / rolls up nicely.  Have not had a bit of running nor pealing.


Sean also enjoys helping others by generating (computerized) artwork for 
their device's submission forms:
Caressa de Marchena

( click here for larger image )

House Red Wolf Badge
HRW web page 

( click here for larger image )

Owyn of Clan Frog

Aaron of the Black Mountains

Mikhail Kurgenovich "Bear"