June 30, 2002
Added domain DraftHorse.us to page.  It points to the same page as HorseCollar.com does.

April 22, 2002
Started adding pictures of the Dunn Cow Inn to Pictures page

April 17ish, 2002
Moved to new hosting company.  Same great service that you have come to love, but will save me some money in hosting costs.

April 2002
Revamping continued.  Added my twisted balloon critters art.

Dec 29, 2001 - Jan 1, 2002
Well I got behind in my keeping up this history page.  Lets give it another try.  Major upgrade to the site.  Trying to tie together the pages a bit better.

June 30, 2000 
Updated several pages, broke apart some directories.  Redid some of Sean's pages.  Mostly behind the scenes work.

March 13, 2000
Started updating it.  Basic touch-ups on many of Sean's WebPages.

Nov 19-21, 1999 
Reworked layout in half of pages.  Inserted some pictures in HRW section. 

Oct 28, 1999 through Nov 3, 1999
Updating with MS FrontPage

Oct 17, 1999
Updated layout tied together previous personal and business pages into site

Oct 5, 1999
Uploaded web page for the first time, 12:30 am

Sept. 30, 1999
Received approval for domain name www.dunncow.com


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