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Closer Look at the tent construction:

  • The Regiment Pavilion was manufactured by Panther. We have been very impressed with their quality and craftsmanship.

  • We started with a stock 16'x16' tent and added many options.

  • Utilizing heavy marine grade, fire resistant and waterproof military duct canvas.

  • Added 12" to the wall height, to create a 7.5' and 12.5' roof peak.

  • 12 inside and outside ties were added along the top of the wall.

  • 12" sod cloth was added all the way around to minimize drafts.

  • The front wall can unhook and roll back to allow a 10' wide opening.

  • A 10'x12' awning with matching scalloped trim can be quickly installed.

  • There is a 12" rain fly that extends from the tent out onto the awning to minimize water leakage between them.

Space Requirements:

  • 20' wide x 30' deep space.

  • We like an additional 20'x20' behind our space for our household.



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